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Defense Exports and Cooperation

Definition/Scope: Mission: To effectively transform the Army's effort to proactively engage across the spectrum of security cooperation and have greater flexibility in satisfying changing global requirements. DASA DE&C is the U.S. Army lead for exports, technology transfer, armaments cooperation, and for equipping and training our international partners. Manage, lead and direct policy, resources, and strategy for the conduct of the Army's global security cooperation programs with direct tasking authority over the Army's designated Executive Agents for the execution of their delegated security cooperation responsibilities. (DASA DE&C Core Mission Areas) Vision: Our vision is to leverage security cooperation programs to build U.S. Army and international partnership capacity, and to enhance the industrial base.

Used For:

Sustainment WFF


DASA (aerospace industry)

Broader Terms:

Acquisition Workforce
Department of the Asst. Secretary of the Army for Acquistion, Logistics, and Technology

Narrower Terms:

Acquisition Workforce

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