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Special Operations Liaison Element

Definition/Scope: The JFSOCC (or the CDRJSOTF, as appropriate) normally provides a special operations liaison element (SOLE) to the JFACC to coordinate and synchronize SOF air, surface, and subsurface operations with joint air operations. The SOLE director places liaison offices in divisions of the joint air operations center (JAOC) to integrate with the JFACC staff. The SOLE director also serves as the JFSOCC's personnel liaison to the JFACC. The SOLE coordinates, integrates, and deconflicts all SOF air, surface, and subsurface activities by providing a SOF presence in the JAOC. Additionally, the SOLE ensures coordination of SOF operations in the JFACC's air tasking order (ATO) and airspace control order (ACO). JP 1-02 A special operations liaison team provided by the joint force special operations component commander to the joint force air component commander (if designated), or appropriate Service component air command and control organization, to coordinate, deconflict, and integrate special operations air, surface, and subsurface operations with conventional air operations. JP 1-02 and 3-05)



Broader Terms:

Army special forces

Related Terms:

Combat Intelligence Division
Combat Operations Division

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