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103d Airlift Wing

Definition/Scope: The 103d Tactical Fighter Group started as the 103d Fighter Interceptor Group in 1952. They were redesignated to the 103d Fighter Group and then in 1979 they were again redesignated as the 103 Fighter Wing. In 2008 they were changed to the 103d Airlift Wing. The 103rd Airlift Wing Mission is to train, organize, and equip personnel to provide an operationally-ready component of the militia to: Deploy and employ as directed in support of national objectives, Support the office of the governor and provide resources in emergencies, Participate proactively in programs benefiting the community and its members. The two locations host units officially named the 103rd Airlift Wing and 103rd Air Control Squadron, which are more commonly known as the "Flying Yankees" and "Yankee Watch." In addition, a new unit formed at Bradley ANG Base in 2008 is known as the 103rd Air Operations Group or "Yankee Vigilance." Sited in a new facility atop a hillside adjacent to Long Island Sound, the 103rd Air Control Squadron mission is real-time detection, identification and surveillance of air traffic for combat operations and homeland defense. Until April 2008, the 103rd Fighter Wing provided the awesome firepower of the A-10 Thunderbolt II, affectionately known as the warthog, for close-air support as well as combat search and rescue missions. The Flying Yankees are now an Airlift Wing with a new flying mission, an aircraft engine repair facility and recruiting has begun for an Air Operations Center at Bradley.


103d AW

Broader Terms:

ACC Air National Guard units
Bradley Air National Guard

Narrower Terms:

Close Air Support
search and rescue

Related Terms:

103d Tactical Fighter Group
104th Fighter Wing

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