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104th Fighter Wing

Definition/Scope: It is a Air National Guard fighter unit located at Barnes Airport, Massachusetts. Primary mission is: To maintain highly trained, well equipped, and motivated military forces in order to provide combat ready F-15C Eagles aircraft and support elements in response to wartime and peacetime tasking under state and federal authority. This mission was previously carried out by the 102nd Fighter Wing. It was first designated as the 104th Tactical Fighter Group from Oct 1962 - Jun 1992. It was then designated as the 104th Fighter group until Oct 1995. At that time it was designated as the 104th Fighter Wing.


104th FW

Broader Terms:

Air Combat Command
Air National Guard

Narrower Terms:

attack aircraft
F-15 Strike Eagle

Related Terms:

103d Airlift Wing
103d Tactical Fighter Group
Sidewinder missile
Sparrow missiles

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