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Maneuver and Mobility Support

Definition/Scope: The MP expedite the forward and lateral movement of combat resources and ensure that commanders get forces, supplies, and equipment when and where they are needed. This is particularly important in the modern battlefield where there is a greater geographical dispersal of forces and lengthened LOC. The MP maintain the security and viability of the strategic and tactical LOC to ensure that the commander can deploy and employ his forces. The MP support the commander and help expedite military traffic by operating TCPs, defilades, or mobile patrols; erecting route signs on MSRs or alternate supply routes (ASRs); or conducting a reconnaissance for bypassed or additional routes. The MP move all units quickly and smoothly with the least amount of interference possible.

Used For:

law enforcement



Broader Terms:

Military Police

Narrower Terms:

breaching operations
dislocated-civilian control
MSR regulation enforcement
passage of lines
river-crossing operations
route reconnaissance and surveillance
straggler control

Related Terms:

Internment and Resettlement
law enforcement
security police
shore patrol

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