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Police Intelligence Operations

Definition/Scope: The PIO function supports, enhances, and contributes to the commander's protection program, situational awareness, and battlefield visualization by portraying relevant threat information that may affect his operational and tactical environments. This threat information—whether it is police, criminal, or combat information—is gathered while conducting MP functions. PIO establishes and supports networks that can be used to leverage HN police, security organizations, and the local population in support of operations in movement corridors. FM 3-90.31 PIO is integrated with all other MP functions and activities to gather police information, increase situational awareness, and help mitigate the threats associated with the criminal environment that can influence the success of operations within the movement corridor. The Maneuver Enhancement Brigade (MEB) integrates the police intelligence activities and products within, or as an adjunct to, the overall intelligence process to support the operations and targeting processes.


Military Police

Used For:

Protection WFF



Broader Terms:

Military Police

Narrower Terms:

MP functions

Related Terms:

common operational picture
Internment and Resettlement
law enforcement
Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

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