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Coalition Support Teams

Definition/Scope: Cst's are teams that can provide the CDRJSOTF with an accurate evaluation of the capabilities, location, and activities of coalition forces, thus facilitating both JSOTF and higher command C2. Coalition support teams have played an integral role in assisting and integrating coalition units into multinational military operations. Coalition support includes assisting with communications interface to integrate them into the coalition command and intelligence structure, establishing liaison to coordinate for combat support and CSS, and training coalition partners on tactics and techniques. Coalition support may also include providing terminal guidance for employment of munitions by US and coalition aircraft. JP 3-05.1

Used For:

liaison coordination elements
Mission command WFF

Broader Terms:

Coalition Task Force
Special Forces Liaison Element

Narrower Terms:

Special Forces Operational Detachment B
Stryker Brigade Combat Team

Related Terms:

Special Forces Liaison Element
Special Operations Forces

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