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7th Army Training Command

Definition/Scope: 7th Army Training Command was established July 1, 1976. It is the command element for the Joint Multinational Training Command, comprising the Grafenwoehr and Hohenfels Training Areas; the Combined Arms Training Center in Vilseck; and the Training Support Activity, Europe at Roedelheim. The JMTC serves as U.S. Army Europe’s training staff, responsible for managing major training areas and serving as a focal point for all force and training modernization issues. Specifically, the JMTC is responsible for single point management of training, including evaluation of training readiness and development of concepts and requirements. Individual training, including both skill-producing and career-enhancing courses, is also provided. Recent range upgrades give USAREUR the finest and most modern firing ranges and maneuver areas in the U.S. Army. The responsibility to provide community support for JMTC installations belongs to U.S. Army Garrison Grafenwoehr. More than 15,000 soldiers and civilian employees and 9,500 family members make up the JMTC. They enjoy morale and recreation facilities ranging from gymnasiums and skiing to libraries and craft shops. Today, the Joint Multinational Training Command is at the forefront of the forces in Europe, ensuring that the quality of training and the quality of life for our soldiers, civilians and their families is the best in USAREUR.


7th ATC

Broader Terms:

Combined Arms Training Center
US Army, Europe, Combatant Command, GEO

Narrower Terms:

7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command

Related Terms:

100th Area Support Group
7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command
7th Army NCO Academy
Grafenwoehr Training Area
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