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One Station Unit Training

Definition/Scope: One Station Unit Training is the combination of basic comabt training and advanced unit training for certain MOS's. Some examples are field artillery and military police. Since both Ft Sill and Leonard Wood offer BCT and AIT, it is called OSUT. This allows for the drill sergeants to instruct the recruit from beginning to end for his initial training. There is less disruption to the recruits training and leadership mentors.

Used For:

military training



Broader Terms:

Army Officer Candidate School
Army values
First Army
Mobilization Army Training Center
Reserve Officer Training Corps
United States Army Training Center
US Military Academy

Narrower Terms:

First Army East

Related Terms:

100th Division (Operational Support)
554th Engineer Battalion
Advanced Individual Training
Basic Combat Training
red phase
soldier in training
US Officer Candidate School

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