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Basic Combat Training

Definition/Scope: Basic combat training (BCT) is the initial instruction given to new personnel. Enlisted personnel go to a basic training fort while officer cansidates may go to a military or civilian training academy to receive specialized training and possibly a civilian degree. Basic trainees are taught the very basic of instruction: military history, drill and ceremony, firing of weapons, hand to hand combat and drill commands among many various topics. Upon completion of basic training the new serviceman is given a Army Service Riboon. The basic training forts are Fort Benning, Fort Jackson, Fort Leonar Wood, Fort Sill, Fort Knox. Each fort specializes in a different field. Female soldiers will go to either Fort Leonard Wood or Fort Jackson.

Used For:

military training
Sustainment WFF



Broader Terms:

104th Division (Institutional Training)
Army Officer Candidate School
Army values
First Army
Mobilization Army Training Center
Reserve Officer Training Corps
TRADOC Capability Manager Virtual
United States Army Training Center
US Military Academy

Narrower Terms:

Advanced Individual Training
blue phase
First Army East
red phase
soldier in training
white phase

Related Terms:

100th Division (Operational Support)
80th Division (Training Command)
Advanced Individual Training
institutional training divisions (USAR)
One Station Unit Training
Reserve Officer Training Corps
US Officer Candidate School

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