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Mobilization Army Training Center

Definition/Scope: Mobilization training centers that are normally only designated or operational during times of mass mobilization. They should not be confused with United States Army Training Centers, USATC, or the Combat Training Centers. USATCs are designed for basic combat training or initial entry training while the CTCs are designed for action ready combat units during their training events. The CTCs are BCTP, NTC, JRTC, CMTC.


United States Army Training Center

Used For:




Broader Terms:

100th Division (Operational Support)
80th Division (Training Command)
First Army East
First Army West

Narrower Terms:

Advanced Individual Training
Basic Combat Training
Fort Mccoy
One Station Unit Training

Related Terms:

100th Division (Operational Support)
Battle Command Training Program
Combat Maneuver Training Center
First Army
Fort Mccoy
Joint Readiness Training Center
National Training Center
United States Army Training Center

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