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100th Division (Operational Support)

Definition/Scope: The 100th Division (Operational Support) (redesignated from Institutional Training) is the largest Institutional Training Division in the United States Army Reserve Command with its headquarters located in Louisville, Ky. At the Major General Benjamin J. Butler Army Reserve Center. The Division consists of six brigades, including: an Initial Entry Training Brigade with Armor and Cavalry squadrons; an IET brigade for Infantry One Station Unit Training; a Combat Support Brigade; a Combat Service Support Brigade; a Training Support Brigade; and a Basic Combat Training brigade. The division also includes the 100th Division Band, and the Headquarters and Headquarters Company. As of 2007 it fell under the 80th Training Command as the 100th Division (Operational Support).

Used For:

100th Division (Institutional Training)

Broader Terms:

80th Division (Training Command)

Narrower Terms:

3rd Brigade (Combat Support)
Chemical Operations Specialist
Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Specialist
Military Police
Mobilization Army Training Center

Related Terms:

Basic Combat Training
Mobilization Army Training Center
One Station Unit Training

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