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80th Division (Training Command)

Definition/Scope: The 80th Division (Training Command) (redesignated from Institutional Training) is made up of over 2,700 Army Reserve Soldiers assigned to 40 units in Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Its annual economic impact is about $25 million. In addition to the salaries of full-time civilian and military personnel, this figure also includes drill and annual training pay to Army Reserve Soldiers, money spent locally for the purchase of supplies, services, maintenance support, equipment, facility construction and renovation, and the G.I. Bill college tuition payments to Army Reserve Soldiers attending school.


80th Div-TC

Broader Terms:

Future Force
US Army Reserve Command

Narrower Terms:

100th Division (Institutional Training)
100th Division (Operational Support)
Mobilization Army Training Center

Related Terms:

Basic Combat Training

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