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Full spectrum operations

Definition/Scope: NOTE: FM 3-0 has been superceded by ADP 3-0. IAW ADRP 3-0 this term has been replaced by decisive action.(FM 3-0) Army forces combine (key elements) offensive, defensive, and stability or civil support operations simultaneously as part of an interdependent joint force to seize, retain, and exploit the initiative, accepting prudent risk to create opportunities to achieve decisive results. They employ synchronized action - lethal and nonlethal - proportional to the mission and informed by a thorough understanding of all variables of the operational environment. Mission command that conveys intent and an appreciation of all aspects of the situation guides the adaptive use of Army forces. All operations are now full spectrum operations. Full spectrum operations require mentally agile leaders able to operate in any operational theme across the spectrum of conflict. Effective command and control focuses on commanders rather than staffs. Commanders, not staffs, drive effective decisionmaking. Commanders must be able to mass fires at decisive points and times and effects over time. All leaders, from the highest to the lowest levels, must understand both the art and the science of operations and battle command.


decisive action



Broader Terms:

7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command
intelligence and electronic warfare support element

Narrower Terms:

Army Training System
battle command
Brigade Combat Team
Civil support operation
Counterdrug Activities
Defense Support of Civil Authorities
Defensive operation
Heavy Brigade Combat Team
Infantry Brigade Combat Team
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Irregular Warfare
lethal action
Lines Of Operation
Major Combat Operation
major operation
Maneuver support operation
nonlethal action
operational theme
peace operation
Peacetime military engagement
Security Force Assistance
Stability operation
Stryker Brigade Combat Team
Troop Leading Procedures
unified action
Warfighting Function

Related Terms:

Law of War
Provincial Reconstruction Teams
Unified Land Operations

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