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Warfighting Function

Definition/Scope: FM 3-0 Operations replaced the Battlefield Operating Systems with the warfighting functions (movement and maneuver, intelligence, fires, sustainment, command and control, and protection). A warfighting function is a group of tasks and systems (people, organizations, information, and processes) united by a common purpose that commanders use to accomplish missions and training objectives. Army forces use the warfighting functions to generate combat power. Combat power is the total means of destructive, constructive, and information capabilities that a military unit/formation can apply at a given time. Army forces generate combat power by converting potential into effective action. NOTE: Command and Control has been replaced by Mission Command (ADP 6-0).


The Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate

Used For:

combat arms



Broader Terms:

Full spectrum operations

Narrower Terms:

Fires Warfighting Function
Intelligence Warfighting Function
Mission command Warfighting Function
Movement and Maneuver Warfighting Function
Protection Warfighting Function
Sustainment Warfighting Function
Sustainment WFF

Related Terms:

close combat
direct fire
indirect fire
personnel recovery
support and services

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