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Mission command WFF

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-0) The related tasks and systems that support commanders in exercising authority and direction. It includes those tasks associated with acquiring friendly information, managing relevant information, and directing and leading subordinates. Through command and control, commanders integrate all warfighting functions to accomplish the mission. The command and control warfighting function includes the following tasks: execute the operations process, conduct command post operations, integrate the information superiority contributors - the Army information tasks, ISR, knowledge management, and information management, conduct information engagement, conduct civil affairs activities, integrate airspace command and control, execute command programs. The command and control warfighting function is the primary integrator of information tasks associated with information superiority. Army leaders use information tasks to shape the operational environment throughout the operations process. During operations against an enemy, they degrade the enemy’s ability to do the same. FM 6-0 describes command and control warfighting doctrine. THIS WAS PREVIOUSLY, PRIOR TO FEB 2011, AS THE COMMAND AND CONTROL WFF. This term eliminated battle command and changed from command and control.


Brigade Detainee Internment Facilities
Brigade Internment Facilities
C2 operations
Capability Development & Integration Directorate
Civil considerations
Coalition Support Teams
contiguous area of operation
Contingency contracting
correctional facility
critical thinking
information engagement
Initial Point Of Capture
lines of effort
Lines Of Operation
Measure Of Effectiveness
Measure Of Performance
military deception
Military DecisionMaking Process
personnel recovery
primary stability tasks
procedural control
Regional Holding Facility, USMC
situational awareness
strategic estimate
sustaining operation
Troop Leading Procedures
unified command

Used For:

battle command
Command and Control
Mission command Warfighting Function

Broader Terms:

Warfighting Function

Narrower Terms:

information tasks

Related Terms:

Fires WFF
Intelligence WFF
Movement and Maneuver WFF
Protection WFF
Sustainment WFF

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