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The Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate

Definition/Scope: The CAC commander is the TRADOC proponent for all Army doctrine. The Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate (CADD) executes the CAC commander's doctrine proponency responsibilities. The mission of the Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate is to research, write, coordinate and integrate doctrine at all levels throughout our Army and support Army transformation efforts. CADD's charter includes: Doctrine development; Responsible for one joint publication and 41 Army manuals; Doctrine integration and consistency; Assure consistency within Army, and with joint and multinational doctrine centers; Support joint, international and multinational doctrine development; Represent the Army in Department of Defense, joint, NATO, American-British- Canadian-Australian (ABCA) armies, and Conference of American Armies (CAA) doctrinal forums to include custodial responsibilities for numerous documents; Promulgate Army doctrine through support to teaching, training and operational missions; Support institutional training, unit training and units conducting operations; Support to Army transformation and modernization; Lead the Integrated Concept Team (ICT).



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Fort Leavenworth

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