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Yuma Proving Ground

Definition/Scope: The Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) is a test facility for the U.S. Army. YPG manages testing in three different environmental extremes; desert (Yuma Test Center), tropic (Tropic Regions Test Center), and cold (Cold Regions Test Center). The largest test center is the Yuma Test Center located in Yuma, AZ, at Yuma Proving Ground. A huge variety of weapon systems and munitions are tested. These include: long range artillery; missile firing aircraft; cargo and personnel parachutes; direct fire weapons; unmanned aerial systems; technologies to defeat roadside bombs to name just a few. Nearly 100 individual tests are ongoing at any single time. Yuma Proving Ground's unmatched environmental conditions add up to almost perfect testing and training conditions. The U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) has overall responsibility for Army developmental and operational testing and reports directly to the Army chief of staff. A subordinate command of ATEC responsible for the developmental testing of weapon systems and munitions throughout the United States is the Developmental Test Command (DTC). Yuma Proving Ground is an important component of DTC. Yuma Proving Ground conducts weapon system and munitions testing for all U.S. military services, despite being an Army installation. A small but significant number of tests are conducted each year for friendly foreign nations, such as Britain, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Singapore, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Italy, France, Israel, and others. The proving ground's long overland firing range (55 miles) and artillery and mortar testing expertise are a particular attraction. Private firms and law enforcement agencies (such as the U.S. Border Patrol and various police departments) have also tested weapons, munitions and other items at the proving ground.



Broader Terms:

Army Materiel Command installations
Army Test and Evaluation Command
Developmental Test Command
US Army Test and Evaluation Command
US Marine Corps

Narrower Terms:

research and development, test and evaluation
YPG Cold Regions Test Center
YPG Tropic Regions Center
YPG Yuma Test Center

Related Terms:

Army Evaluation Center
Cold Regions Test Center
Desert Countermine Testing and Training Range
Developmental Test Command
Electronic Proving Ground
equipment testing
field test
Operational Test Command
Redstone Technical Test Center
Sonoran Desert
test and evaluation

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