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Definition/Scope: (JP 1-02) (1) A communication and acknowledgment of dangers implicit in a wide spectrum of activities by potential opponents ranging from routine defense measures to substantial increases in readiness and force preparedness and to acts of terrorism or political, economic, or military provocation. (2) Operating procedures, practices, or conditions that may result in injury or death if not carefully observed or followed.

Used For:

alerts (warnings)
warning systems

Broader Terms:

Emergency Communication System
M93 NBC Reconnaissance System

Narrower Terms:

air defense warning conditions
Biological Attack Warning System
Biological Detection and Warning System
cockpit warning systems
distress alerting
early warning systems
false alarms
Homeland Security Advisory System
indications and warnings
information assurance vulnerability messages
laser warning systems
NBC warnings
strategic warnings
tactical warnings
telephone warning systems
threat levels
travel warnings
XM93 Fox warning system

Related Terms:


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