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vulnerability assessment

Definition/Scope: A Department of Defense command or unit-level evaluation (assessment) to determine the vulnerability of a terrorist attack against an installation, unit, exercise, port, ship, residence, facility, or other site. Identifies areas of improvement to withstand, mitigate, or deter acts of violence or terrorism. (DoDD 3020.40) A systematic examination of the characteristics of an installation, system, asset, application, or its dependencies to identify vulnerabilities. (ATTP 3-39.92) A vulnerability assessment is conducted to determine protection measures and develop physical security plans. This assessment is a systematic approach to identifying vulnerabilities of mission-essential assets, facilities, resources, and personnel. (DODM 5205.02-M 20018) A process that examines a friendly operation or activity from the point of view of an adversary, seeking ways in which the adversary might determine critical information in time to disrupt or defeat the operation or activity.



Broader Terms:

mission essential vulnerable area
operations security

Narrower Terms:

Computer Defense Assessment Program

Related Terms:

critical information
Defense Critical Infrastructure Program
risk assessment
risk management

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