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US Army, Europe, Combatant Command, GEO

Definition/Scope: As a forward based land component, USAREUR demonstrates national resolve and strategic leadership by assuring stability and security, and leading joint and combined forces in support of the Combatant Commander.” The new logo, with the words “USAREUR, Freedom's Expeditionary Force, An Army Forward, Any Mission, Anywhere” replaces “On Point For The Nation,” used by USAREUR since the mid-1990s. METL: Train tailored forces and headquarters for joint and combined operations; Rapidly project expeditionary forces prepared for joint and combined operations; Ensure force well-being; Operate theater sustainment and execute expeditionary logistics in support of Army, joint, and combined forces; Ensure regional security, access, and stability through presence and security cooperation; Provide C2 capabilities at echelon to enable joint and combined operations. Vision Statement: Freedom's Expeditionary Force!; Transformed and Ready; Projecting premier full-spectrum joint forces; Lean and agile, strategically postured; Guarantors of security, access, and stability. USAREUR is not to be confused with EUCOM which is a Unified Combatant Command.

Used For:

Seventh Army
US Army Europe and Seventh Army
USAREUR and 7th Army



Broader Terms:

Army Service Component Command
combatant command
European Command

Narrower Terms:

100th Area Support Group
1st Armored Division
1st Infantry Division (Mechanized)
1st Personnel Command
21st Theater Support Command
266th Finance Command
26th Area Support Group
3d Corps Support Command
7th Army Training Command
Army Southern European Task Force (Airborne)
Bremerhaven Military Community
Camp Darby
Coleman Barracks
Commander, US Army Europe
Commander, US Army Europe and Seventh Army
Europe Regional Dental Command
Europe Regional Medical Command
Frankfurt Military Community
Heidelberg Military Community
Joint Multinational Training Center
Kaiserslautern Military Community
multinational exercises
V Corps

Related Terms:

5th Signal Command (Theater)
7th Army Reserve Command
Eighth US Army
Heidelberg, Germany
Otis model

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