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US armed forces

Definition/Scope: All Armed Forces (including the Coast Guard) of the United States, any person in the Armed Forces of the United States, and all equipment of any description that either belongs to the US Armed Forces or is being used (including Type I and II Military Sealift Command vessels), escorted, or conveyed by the US Armed Forces.

Used For:

Military Services
uniformed services
UNISERV (uniformed services)
US forces

Broader Terms:

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Defense Department
Mullen, Michael "Mike" Glenn

Narrower Terms:

Marine Expeditionary Force
National Defense Act of 1916
US Air Force
US Army
US Marine Corps
US Navy

Related Terms:

Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center
Marine Expeditionary Unit
military departments (US)
UN peacekeeping forces
Unified Action Armed Forces
unified commands
United States

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