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unit training

Definition/Scope: (ADP 7-0) Units employ effective collective training based on the Army principles of unit training. Training must be relevant, rigorous, realistic, challenging, and properly resourced. Collective training provides the full range of experiences needed to produce agile, adaptive leaders and Soldiers, and versatile units. The purpose of unit training is to build and maintain ready units to conduct unified land operations for combatant commanders. Units build flexibility, integration, lethality, adaptability, depth, and synchronization capabilities through the mastery of individual and collective tasks under the conditions of the anticipated operational environment. Good training gives Soldiers confidence in their abilities and the abilities of their leaders, forges trust, and allows the unit to adapt readily to new and different missions. Unit training is the primary means for developing leaders. Leaders use training events to train, educate, and give experience to subordinates. Leaders coach and teach, providing feedback on performance, making on-the-spot corrections, and conducting after action reviews. FM 7-0 has been superceded by ADP 7-0. (FM 7-0) The principles of unit training are: Commanders and other leaders are responsible for training, Noncommissioned officers train individuals, crews, and small teams, train to standard, train as you will fight, train while operating, train fundamentals first, train to develop operational adaptability, understand the operational environment, train to sustain, train to maintain, and conduct multiechelon and concurrent training.

Broader Terms:

7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command
Collective Training Directorate
Jungle Warfare Training Center
leader development

Narrower Terms:

basic unit training

Related Terms:

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Army Training System
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