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Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

Definition/Scope: The Uniformed Services University is the Nation’s federal health sciences university and is committed to excellence in military medicine and public health during peace and war. We provide the Nation with health professionals dedicated to career service in the Department of Defense and the United States Public Health Service and with scientists who serve the common good. We serve the uniformed services and the Nation as an outstanding academic health sciences center with a worldwide perspective for education, research, service and consultation; we are unique in relating these activities to military medicine, disaster medicine and military medical readiness. Education at the Uniformed Services University is unique in many ways. For one, students attending the F. Edward H├ębert School of Medicine and the Graduate School of Nursing learn in a multi-service environment. Although the differences between the Army, Air Force, Navy and Public Health Service are distinct, a sense of shared purpose distinguishes the students here and fosters a pervasive and inimitable spirit of teamwork. Students do not incur the costly financial debt of traditional medical schools and graduate programs because their education is paid for entirely by the Department of Defense. Students also receive the full salary and benefits of a junior officer in exchange for a seven year service commitment. The School of Medicine and Graduate School of Nursing curriculums are similar to their civilian counterparts, however, learning objectives harness specialized educational elements geared toward producing career uniformed officers. Students attend year round and those in the School of Medicine receive 700 additional hours of education that focus largely on areas such as epidemiology, health promotion, leadership and field exercise, disease prevention and tropical medicine.



Broader Terms:

joint service schools
Military Colleges
US Military Academy

Narrower Terms:

Reserve Officer Training Corps
US Officer Candidate School

Related Terms:

Air Force Academy
Coast Guard Academy
combat support agency
medical training
Merchant Marine Academy
Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
US Military Academy
US Naval Academy
West Point Academy

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