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traffic control posts

Definition/Scope: (ATTP 3-39.10) Traffic control posts are manned posts used to preclude interruption of traffic flow or movement along designated routes. It is used to support law and order or maneuver and mobility support operations when required to facilitate movement (FM 3-39). They are established to provide traffic control on a specific point on terrain where freedom of movement is degraded. The primary purpose of TCPs is to ensure the orderly traffic movement according to the traffic control plan, prevent unnecessary delay, and meet all command safety requirements. 6-35. TCPs are employed in all environments, from posts, camps, and stations to contingency operations. They can be deliberate traffic control measures conducted based on traffic control plans, traffic assessments, or specific contingency plans. TCPs can also be conducted as hasty traffic control measures in response to accidents, threat incidents, or other unforeseen circumstances that impact traffic flow. OLD VERSION A place at which traffic is controlled either by military police or by mechanical means.



Broader Terms:

ground traffic

Related Terms:

law enforcement
Military Police
traffic control plans

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