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Definition/Scope: (AR 381-11)The sum of the potential strengths, capabilities, and strategic objectives of any adversary that can limit or negate U.S. mission accomplishment or reduce force, system, or equipment effectiveness. It does not include natural/environmental factors affecting the ability of the system to function or mission accomplishment; mechanical/component failure affecting mission accomplishment; or program issues related to budgeting, restructuring, or cancellation of the program. (FM 3-0) Threats are nation-states, organizations, people, groups, or conditions that can damage or destroy life, vital resources, or institutions.

Used For:

credible threat

Broader Terms:

crisis management
Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Force Protection
weapon engagement zone

Narrower Terms:

air threat
air-breathing threat
asymmetric threat
biological threat
bomb threat
catastrophic threat
disruptive threat
ground threat
health threat
hybrid threat
irregular threat
missile threat
threat analysis
threat assessment
traditional threat

Related Terms:

high-risk target
hostile intent
mission essential vulnerable area
threat levels
Unattended Ground Sensor
unmanned ground sensor

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