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theater internment facilities

Definition/Scope: The second of two levels of detainee command and control in OIF. Starts at day 14 of a detainee’s capture. The same requirements taken at a BIF are taken at a TIF plus additional long term aspects. The most significant differences are the more detailed processing and information gathering; issuance of the ISN; and the long duration detention and care, to include full medical treatment capabilities. Each TIF is designed to provide every detainee with the following: Adequate clothing; Three meals a day with a minimum intake of a total of 2,500 calories; Protection from the elements; Protection from attack (indirect and direct fire, improved explosive devices); Medical screening for general health and treatment for wounds, injuries, and illnesses. The TIF also conducts a review and release board at a minimum of every 6 months on every detainee.



Broader Terms:

Brigade Special Troops Battalion
Detainee Operations
detainment facilities
Enemy Prisoner of War
Joint Prosecution and Exploitation Center
Multinational Force - Iraq

Narrower Terms:

Brigade Internment Facilities

Related Terms:

Brigade Detainee Internment Facilities
detainee holding area
Initial Point Of Capture
interned personnel
Regional Holding Facility, USMC

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