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1st Cavalry Division

Definition/Scope: The 1st Cavalry Division’s, 1st CD, shoulder insignia is of a horses head on a triangular shield. The shield is yellow in color with a diagonal strip from top left to bottom right. The stripe is to represent a baldric which is what troopers wore to hold either a saber or a revolver. The 1st Cavalry Division ("First Team") is a rapidly deployable heavy armored division of the United States Army with base of operations in Fort Hood, Texas. It is organized with six brigade-sized elements that include four maneuver brigades, a combat aviation brigade and division support battalion. Additionally, it consists of an air defense artillery battalion, signal battalion, military intelligence battalion, personnel services battalion, chemical company and military police company, horse cavalry detachment and division band, all of which have been integrated into its Brigade Special Troop Battalions.


1st CD

Broader Terms:

Army divisions (active)
III Corps

Narrower Terms:

Operation Iron Promise

Related Terms:

Armored Division
Fort Hood
The First Team

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