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Definition/Scope: A number of persons associated or organized together to achieve a common end, e.g.,



Broader Terms:


Narrower Terms:

air reconnaissance (TUAV) bases
air support radar teams
all-source production teams
analysis and control team
Army Drill Team
Army Parachute Team
assessment and recovery teams
augmented site survey teams
battalion landing teams
battle lab technology teams
brigade combat service teams
Brigade Combat Team
Brigade Operational Law Team
chemical biological intelligence support teams
coalition forces support teams
collection teams
combat advisor teams
combat control teams
combat support coordination teams
combined arms teams
computer emergency response teams
container management teams
counterdrug teams
country teams
crisis action team
displaced equipment training teams
division reconnaissance teams
downed aircraft recovery team
ELINT/imagery analysis teams
embedded training teams
embedded transition team
Fire Support Team
fleet anti-terrorist security teams
forward area support teams
human exploitation team
Human Terrain Team
humanitarian assistance survey team
IEW combat repair teams
information warfare support teams
integrated capabilities development teams
integrated concept development teams
integrated concept teams
integrated process and product teams
joint air attack team
joint analysis and assessment teams
Joint Venture Combined Arms Assessment Team
liaison teams
maintenance support teams
maritime civil affairs teams (USN)
medical response teams
military history teams
military information support teams
ministerial advisor teams
mobile contact teams
mobile coordination teams
mobile training team
modular force observation teams
motorcade teams
movement control teams
movement regulating teams
MWD teams
new equipment training teams
operational planning teams
predeployment site survey teams
religious support teams
sea-air-land teams
site survey team
target acquisition teams
transition team
underwater construction teams
unit ministry teams
weapons intelligence teams
weapons of mass destruction - civil support teams

Related Terms:

51st Movement Control Team
Ready First Combat Team
team leaders

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