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Task Force

Definition/Scope: 1) A temporary grouping of units under one commander formed to carry out a specific operation or mission. A semi-permanent organization of units under one commander to carry out a specific task. 2) A battalion-sized unit of the combat arms consisting of a battalion control headquarters, with at least one of its major organic subordinate elements (a company), and the attachment of at least one company-sized element of another combat or combat support arm.



Broader Terms:

military forces
task organizations

Narrower Terms:

air assault task forces
amphibious task forces
Army Special Operations Task Force
aviation task forces
Combined Joint Task Force
expeditionary mobility task forces
International Police Task Force
Joint Task Force
logistics task forces
Marine Air-Ground Task Force
task forces, by designation*
task groups
unified task forces

Related Terms:

Aviation Combat Element
Biometric Fusion Center
combined arms teams
Marine Expeditionary Force

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