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Definition/Scope: DOD: A geographical area, complex, or installation planned for capture or destruction by military forces. (2) In intelligence usage, a country, area, installation, agency, or person against which intelligence operations are directed. (3) An area designated and numbered for future firing. (4) In gunfire support usage, an impact burst which hits the target. NATO: In radar, any discrete object which reflects or retransmits energy back to the radar equipment, or the object of a radar search or su



Broader Terms:

AN/APS-137B(V)5 Radar

Narrower Terms:

aerial targets
area targets
demolition targets
false targets
guided missile targets
High-Payoff Target
High-Value Target
laser targets
moving targets
multiple targets
point targets
radar targets
rocket targets
sonar targets
surface targets
target drones
target intelligence
thermal targets
torpedo targets
towed targets
underwater targets
visual targets

Related Terms:

target signatures

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