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Definition/Scope: (1) The process of selecting targets and matching the appropriate response to them, taking account of operational requirements and capabilities. ( 2) The analysis of enemy situations relative to the commander's mission, objectives, and capabilities at the commander's disposal, to identify and nominate specific vulnerabilities that, if exploited, will accomplish the commander's purpose through delaying, disrupting, disabling, or destroying enemy forces or resources critical to the enemy.


detect, decide, deliver, assess

Broader Terms:

combined targeting coordination board
division artillery
fire support plan
Joint Fires Observer
Over-the-Horizon Airborne Sensor Information System
Remotely Operated Video Enhanced Receiver
Ship Self Defense System
target development and support to targeting
Warfighting Function

Narrower Terms:

Attack Guidance Matrix
Combined Targeting Working Group
Commander’s Independent Thermal Viewer
detect, decide, deliver, assess
effects-based targeting
High-Payoff Target
High-Value Target
target area of interest
target designators
target materials

Related Terms:

combined targeting coordination board
detect, decide, deliver, assess
HARM targeting system
Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
JP 2-01.1
Outrider Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
RC-7 Airborne Reconnaissance Low
RQ-2A Pioneer
RQ-5A Hunter
Ship Self Defense System
target area of interest
target drones
time critical target
Warfighting Function

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