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Definition/Scope: The provision of personnel, logistics, and other support required to maintain and prolong operations or combat until successful accomplishment or revision of the mission or of the national objective. 2) Capabilities, equipment, and operations that ensure continuity, freedom of action, logistic support, and command and control. Sustainment encompasses the sub-functions of logistics, personnel services, AHS support, and I/R operations required to maintain operations for mission accomplishment. Logistics is the science of planning, preparing, executing, and assessing movement and maintenance of forces. Personnel services are those sustaining functions related to Soldier's welfare, readiness, and quality of life. AHS support consists of all measures taken by commanders, leaders, individual Service members, and the military health system to promote, improve, conserve, or restore the mental and physical well-being of Service members.

Used For:

force sustainment

Broader Terms:

Defense Continuity Program
logistical support

Narrower Terms:

ammunition supply point
soldier sustainment
sustainment engineering
sustainment training
unit sustainment

Related Terms:

Army Organizational Lifecycle Model
battlespace dominance
force rotation
logistical services
quality of life
Total Distribution System
unit replacement

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