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Analysis and Control Element

Definition/Scope: The mission of the Analysis and Control Element, ACE, is to perform collection management; produce all-source intelligence; provide IEW technical control; and disseminate intelligence and targeting data. The ACE supports the commander in executing battle command and planning future missions across the range of military operations. The ACE is the intelligence producer and principal IEW control center at division level. It fuses battlefield intelligence reported from non-IEW and IEW assets and forms an all-source intelligence picture. The ACE’s foundation is the All-Source Analysis System (ASAS). The ASAS is a tactically deployable computer processor used for intelligence production and is designed to integrate new intelligence into existing databases. There are four basic types of ASAS: all-source, single source, remote work station (RWS), and the WARLORD. These workstations provide the G2 and the ACE the ability to efficiently process high volumes of perishable information and multidiscipline intelligence. The ASAS provides the G2 with an improved production and dissemination capability while allowing the single and all-source analysts to operate at the same time and same location without interfering with each element’s unique mission. This co-location of analysts allows a near real-time dissemination of the intelligence picture.


division intelligence support element

Used For:

corps tactical operations center support elements
division intelligence support elements
echelons above corps intelligence centers
technical control and analysis elements



Broader Terms:

human intelligence
intelligence units
signal intelligence

Narrower Terms:

all-source production teams
analysis and control team
common operational picture
counter intelligence/human intelligence support elements
division intelligence support element
ELINT/imagery analysis teams

Related Terms:

All-Source Analysis System
all-source intelligence
collection management offices
joint intelligence center

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