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Definition/Scope: Country located in northeastern Africa. It is bounded on the north by Egypt; on the east by the Red Sea and Ethiopia; on the south by Kenya, Uganda, and Zaire; on the west by the Central African Republic and Chad; and on the northwest by Libya. The largest African country, The Sudan has an area of 966,757 square miles, which represents more than 8 percent of the African continent and almost 2 percent of the world's total land area. Khartoum, the national capital, is located in the northern half

Used For:

Republic of Sudan


SU (Army)

Broader Terms:

independent states (by name)
Northern Africa

Narrower Terms:

Bahr el Ghazal, Sudan
Darfur, Sudan
Juba, Sudan
Khartoum, Sudan
Malual Kon, Sudan
Warawar, Sudan

Related Terms:

Arab League members
failed state
IMF members
OIC members
UN members

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