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Stryker Brigade Combat Team

Definition/Scope: The third brigade organization is the newly fielded SBCT, a lightly armored, motorized, infantry brigade The SBCT is designed around three infantry battalions, each consisting of three rifle companies with organic mobile gun system (MGS) platoons. Each BCT has a RS, a fires battalion, and a support battalion in addition to their maneuver elements. The Stryker BCT balances combined arms capabilities with significant strategic and intratheater mobility. Designed around the Stryker wheeled armored combat system in several variants, the Stryker BCT has considerable operational reach. It is more deployable than the heavy BCT and has greater tactical mobility, protection, and firepower than the infantry BCT. Stryker BCTs have excellent dismounted capability. The Stryker BCT includes military intelligence, signal, engineer, antitank, artillery, reconnaissance, and sustainment elements. This design lets Stryker BCTs commit combined arms elements down to company level in urban and other complex terrain against a wide range of opponents. FM 3-0

Used For:

IBCT (interim brigade combat team)
interim brigade combat teams



Broader Terms:

Air Defense Airspace Management
Brigade Combat Team
Coalition Support Teams
Combat Aviation Brigade
common operational picture
Full spectrum operations
Joint capabilities
M6 Linebacker

Narrower Terms:

Air Cavalry Squadron
Brigade Support Battalion
Stryker family of vehicles
urban warfare

Related Terms:

Army transformation
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Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Bradley M-6 Linebacker
Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle
Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle - Enhanced
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Divisional MLRS Target Acquisition Battery
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