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Strategic Command

Definition/Scope: The missions of the US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) are: to deter attacks on US vital interests, to ensure US freedom of action in space and cyberspace, to deliver integrated kinetic and non-kinetic effects to include nuclear and information operations in support of US Joint Force Commander operations, to synchronize global missile defense plans and operations, to synchronize regional combating of weapons of mass destruction plans, to provide integrated surveillance and reconnaissance allocation recommendations to the SECDEF, and to advocate for capabilities as assigned. USSTRATCOM has primary responsibility among the combatant commanders (CCDRs) for US strategic nuclear forces to support the national objective of strategic deterrence and, unless otherwise directed, serves as the single point of contact for military space operational matters. USSTRATCOM is also responsible for providing integrated global strike planning, coordinating transregional information operations, providing warning of missile attacks and planning, integrating and coordinating global missile defense operations and support for missile defense. JP 2-03

Used For:

US Strategic Command



Broader Terms:

DoD Commands
Unified Command Plan
unified commands

Narrower Terms:

DOD Manned Space Flight Support Office
USSTRATCOM space components

Related Terms:

Air Force Space Command
Cheyenne Mountain Air Station
Joint Combat Capability Developer
Offutt AFB
STRATCOM Joint Intelligence Center
Twentieth Air Force

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