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AN/TPQ-47 (Firefinder)

Definition/Scope: Th AN/TPQ-47 will replace the AN/TPQ-37 antenna transceiver group (ATG) utilizing advanced technology that will provide rapid and increased target location, improved accuracy, and target classification at greater ranges. This is a new capability to provide the warfighter continuous and responsive counterbattery target acquisition for all types and phases of military operations. This system will compliment the next generation of longer range weapons and munitions being developed for fire support, and revolutionize the way the Army conducts the weapon locating mission. The AN/TPQ-47 will provide a significant capability to the Army by doubling the current artillery detection range of the AN/TPQ-37. It also adds a new mission area for Firefinder to detect Tactical Ballistic Missiles out to 300 kilometers in range. Proposed requirements for the AN/TPQ-47 include increased range and accuracy for both conventional artillery (60 km) and tactical ballistic missiles (250+ km) locations, enhanced survivability against DF/ARM threat, drive on/off C-130 and larger aircraft, on-board pos-nav system,, remote operational capability, and ability to process stored targets on the move. The improvements are especially critical in the role the AN/TPQ-47 can play in deep operations and the active, passive defense attack operations against tactical ballistic missiles. Other capabilities include target classification, reliable target identification, automated emplacement and greatly reduced operating and sustainment costs.

Used For:

Q-47 radar

Broader Terms:

observed fire
weapons locating radar

Related Terms:

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AN/TPQ-37 (Firefinder)
Divisional MLRS Target Acquisition Battery
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