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US Special Operations Command, Southern Command

Definition/Scope: SOCSOUTH is a subordinate unified command of US Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM), headquartered at Miami, Florida. SOCSOUTH headquarters is located at Corozal, Panama. SOCSOUTH has OPCON for Army, Navy, and Air Force SOF which deploy forward for the execution of training and for operational missions in the USSOUTHCOM AOR. SOCSOUTH provides command and control for Army and Air Force SOF other than CA and PSYOP. SOCSOUTH forms and deploys a JSOTF headquarters providing C3I connectivity during contingencies and, when directed, has forces OPCON to SOCSOUTH; One Army Special Forces Company, one Army Special Operations Aviation company, one Naval Special Warfare Unit (NSWU), and one Special Boat Unit (SBU). In peacetime, SOCSOUTH is organized as a conventional joint staff with a command group and seven numbered functional directorates J1 through J6 and J8. In wartime, the SOC adds an eighth functional directorate for the headquarters commandant.





Broader Terms:

Joint Special Operations Task Force
Southern Command
Special Operations Command

Narrower Terms:

Combat Search And Rescue
Counterdrug Activities
Countermine activities
Humanitarian Assistance
Security Assistance

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