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US Special Operations Command, Pacific

Definition/Scope: As a subordinate unified command of USPACOM, SOCPAC and its component units deploy throughout the Pacific, supporting USPACOM’s Theater Security Cooperation Program, deliberate plans, and real world contingencies. SOCPAC elements annually conduct small unit exchanges, joint and combined training events, and operational deployments throughout the Pacific, fostering interoperability with host nation partners and facilitating strategic and operational objectives. Subordinate elements play a major role in ongoing counterdrug and humanitarian demining operations, training host nation forces in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and other Theater countries. SOCPAC also hosts an annual Pacific Area Special Operations Conference in Hawaii, which attracts over 200 U.S. and foreign delegates and provides unique information exchange opportunities.



Broader Terms:

Pacific Command
Special Operations Command

Narrower Terms:

Combat Search And Rescue
Counterdrug Activities
Countermine activities
Humanitarian Assistance
Security Assistance

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