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104th Division (Institutional Training)

Definition/Scope: The old 104th Infantry Division - nicknamed the Timberwolf Division - is a division of the United States Army that fought for 195 consecutive days during World War II. Some 34,000 men served with the division under the leadership of General Terry Allen, who was much admired despite his nickname, "Terrible Terry". The division’s first action came in October of 1944 during the taking of Achtmaal and Zundert in Holland. It then participated in the Battle of the Bulge, advanced through the Siegfried line and across the Inde River into Cologne, and it helped complete the encirclement of the Ruhr pocket. Finally, it made a 350-mile sweep to the Mulde River in the heart of Germany. The division was particularly renowned for its night fighting prowess. On 1 December 1946, the Division was formally reactivated as a reserve infantry division at Vancouver Barracks, Washington. Then, in June 1959 the Division was reorganized as a “Training” Division, and in October 1978 the Division assumed its mobilization mission of opening and operating an Army Training Center for the conduct of BCT for initial entry Soldiers. In 1990, nearly 150 Soldiers from the 104th Division (Training) volunteered for and participated in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. In October 1994, the 104th Division (Training) reorganized with two BCT training brigades by merging one brigade from the 91st into the 104th Division (Training) while retaining one brigade from the 104th's original structure. A year later the 104th Division structure changed again and it was reorganized into an “Institutional Training” Division. This reorganization saw the merger the two remaining BCT training brigades into the 1st Training Brigade; establishment of four TASS BDEs, establishment of the 3rd BDE (Combat Support), 4th BDE (Combat Service Support), 5th BDE (Health Services), 6th BDE (Professional Development); and the redesignation of the Training Support Brigade as the 7th BDE (Training Support). The 104th Division (IT) created the four TASS BDEs by assuming responsibility for all the prior existing Army Reserve schools within the western region and reorganizing those schools into the designated brigade headquarters and their subordinate battalions. The 104th DIV (IT) Headquarters remains located at Vancouver Barracks. Currently, the Division consists of 3,350 citizen Soldiers, men and women; officers and enlisted, serving in reserve centers located throughout the “Western Region”. This Western Region consists of the 13 western states from North Dakota, south to New Mexico, and all US territory to the west. In summary, the 104th Division (Institutional Training) is responsible for all ‘Non-Combat” related skill training for over 80,000 Western Region Soldiers in the USAR and NG. Upon mobilization the 104th Division will relocate to Fort Bliss, Texas and establish an Army Training Center for the conduct of BCT. The Division TASS BDEs will replace or augment instructors/support personnel at proponent schools allowing for the enhancement of the proponent's ability to accomplish their training mission. The 104th has been reorgainzed once agan as the 104th Training Division (Leader Training). It is still a subordinate command under the 84th Training Command.


104th DIV-IT

Broader Terms:

84th Training Command (Leader Readiness)
institutional training divisions (USAR)
US Army Reserve Command

Narrower Terms:

Basic Combat Training
United States Army Training Center

Related Terms:

70th Regional Readiness Command
Parks Reserve Forces Training Area

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