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Special Operations Command Joint Forces Command

Definition/Scope: Special Operations Command - Joint Forces Command (SOCJFCOM) is a sub-unified command of USJFCOM and is unique among all other theater special operations commands assigned to combatant commanders. SOCJFCOM is DoD’s primary joint Special Operations Forces (SOF) trainer and integrator and trains conventional and special operations joint force commanders and their staffs in the employment of SOF focusing on full integration of SOF and conventional forces in planning and execution to enhance warfighting readiness. Located in Suffolk, Va., SOCJFCOM supports all geographic combatant commanders and joint task forces in the Global War on Terrorism as well as combined joint special operations task forces (CJSOTF) in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Joint Task Force Horn of Africa, theater SOCs and the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Center for Special Operations. In addition to its function as a sub-unified command, the commander of SOCJFCOM also serves as the senior SOF advisor to the commander, USJFCOM. SOCJFCOM’s key tasks are: • train conventional joint forces commanders and staffs (combatant commanders and joint task force staffs) • train joint SOF commanders and staffs • collect and report operational insights and lessons learned • provide SOF subject matter experts support to joint integration and experimentation efforts • facilitate USJFCOM-USSOCOM interaction and cooperation . SOCJFCOM is aligned under USJFCOM; however, the command has responsibilities to support responsibilities for both USJFCOM and USSOCOM, which makes SOCJFCOM ideally positioned to support SOF-conventional force training and integration. SOCJFCOM has been designated as the sole provider of joint SOF training.



Broader Terms:

Special Operations Command
US Joint Forces Command, Combatant Command, Functional/Unified

Narrower Terms:

Combat Search And Rescue
Counterdrug Activities
Countermine activities
Humanitarian Assistance
Security Assistance

Related Terms:

Norfolk NAS

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