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AN/MPQ-53 Radar Set

Definition/Scope: The AN/MPQ-53 C-band, multifunctional phased array radar system is responsible for searching, detection, tracking and identification of potential threats, and Patriot missiles guidance and ECCM functions. The AN/MPQ-53 is remotely controlled by the MSQ-104 control station, via a cable link. It is able to track more than 100 potential targets and to engage up to 9 of them. The radar system has a range in excess of 100 kilometers. The MPQ-53 radar set has no moving parts and that makes it very hard to jam. Under the PAC-3 program this radar set has been upgraded. The upgraded MPQ-53 radar set is capable of tracking and engaging a major number of targets, while the baseline features could enhanced to better counter emerging threats such as maneuverable ballistic missiles, and stealth cruise missile and aircraft.

Used For:

Air Defense



Broader Terms:

Air Defense
air defense artillery
AN/MSQ-104 Engagement Control Station
antiballistic missile
MIM-104 Patriot
multipurpose radars (air defense)

Narrower Terms:

Air Defense
airspace management

Related Terms:

Air Defense
airspace management
AN/MPQ-65 Radar set

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