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situational awareness

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-0) It is an immediate knowledge of the conditions of the operation, constrained geographically and in time. It is also Soldiers knowing what is currently happening around them. Situational awareness occurs in Soldiers' minds. It is not a display or the common operational picture; it is the interpretation of displays or the actual observation of a situation. On receipt of mission, commanders develop their situational awareness. They base it on information and knowledge products, such as the common operational picture and running estimates. (FM 1-02) (Marine Corps) it is the knowledge and understanding of the current situation which promotes timely, relevant, and accurate assessment of friendly, enemy, and other operations within the battlespace in order to facilitate decisionmaking. Ca als be seen as an informational perspective and skill that foster an ability to determine quickly the context and relevance of events that are unfolding.


common operational picture
strategic environment

Used For:

battlefield dominant awareness
Mission command WFF
situation awareness



Broader Terms:

Command Post of the Future
Department of Defense Continuity Programs
fog of war
Information Management
Interagency Threat Assessment and Coordination Group
joint deployable intelligence support systems
Knowledge Management
mission analysis
MQ-8B Fire Scout
MQ-9 Reaper
Multilateral Interoperability Programme
Prophet System
Remotely Operated Video Enhanced Receiver
RQ-11 Raven
RQ-5 Hunter
RQ-7 Shadow
strategic estimate
US Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center
Warfighter Information Network-Tactical

Narrower Terms:

Battlefield Awareness and Data Dissemination
decisive point
Every Soldier a Sensor
intelligence collection management
lines of effort
mission awareness rating scale
Multi-Function Radio Frequency System
Net-Enabled Command Capability

Related Terms:

antifratricide measures
Blue Force Tracker
Command Post of the Future
common operational picture
common relevant operational picture
common understanding of the battlefield
Joint Data Link Information for Combat Execution
joint tactics, techniques, and procedures
RC-7 Airborne Reconnaissance Low
total mission awareness

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