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service support order

Definition/Scope: (FM 5-0) A service support order is an order that directs the service support of operations, including administrative movements. Service support orders form the basis for the orders of supporting commanders to their units. They provide information on combat service support (CSS) to supported elements. Service support orders are issued with an OPORD. They may be issued separately, when the commander expects the CSS situation to apply to more than one OPLAN/OPORD. At division and corps levels, a service support order may replace an OPORD's service support annex. In those cases, paragraph 4 of the OPORD refers to the service support order. Staffs at brigade and lower levels may cover all necessary CSS information in paragraph 4 of the OPORD. The service support order follows the same format as the OPORD. It is usually in writing and may include overlays, traces, and other annexes. The logistics officer has primary coordinating responsibility for preparing, publishing, and distributing the service support order. Other staff officers, both coordinating and special, prepare parts of the order concerning their functional areas.



Broader Terms:

combat orders

Related Terms:

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