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self-development training domain

Definition/Scope: (AR 350-1) The self-development training domain recognizes that Army service requires continuous, life-long learning and that structured training activities in Army schools and in operational units often will not meet every individual?s need for content or time. Self-development enables individuals to pursue personal and professional development goals. Leaders help subordinates identify areas where self-development will improve performance of current assignment and areas that will prepare them for future career assignments. Army schools provide training and education products that can be used for self-development. Self-development focuses on maximizing strengths, overcoming weaknesses, and achieving individual development goals. All Soldiers and Army civilians must accept their personal responsibility to develop, grow, and commit to professional excellence. The Soldier or Army civilian must commit to a lifetime of professional and personal growth focused on staying at the cutting edge of their profession. The success of selfdevelopment is tied to regular self-assessment and performance feedback. (ADP 7-0) The self-development training domain is planned, goal-oriented learning that reinforces and expands the depth and breadth of an individual’s knowledge base, self-awareness, and situational awareness; complements institutional and operational learning; enhances professional competence; and meets personal objectives. Within this domain, Army leaders expect Soldiers and Army civilians to fill in their skills, knowledge, and behavior gaps from institutional training and operational assignments.

Broader Terms:

Army Force Generation
Army Training System
Professional Military Education

Narrower Terms:

NCO self development career maps
Officer Foundation System

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