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risk assessment

Definition/Scope: The process of identifying security based on an analysis of threats to and vulnerabilities of systems, determining the magnitude of those risks, and incorporating measures needed to safeguard against them. (2) the identification and assessment of hazards; an identified hazard is assessed to determine the risk (both the probability of occurrence and the resulting severity) of a hazardous incident due to the presence of the hazard. (DoDD 3020.40) A systematic examination of risk using disciplined processes, methods, and tools. A risk assessment provides an environment for decision makers to evaluate and prioritize risks continuously and to recommend strategies to remediate or mitigate those risks.

Used For:

risk analysis

Broader Terms:

collateral damage
decisive point
Department of Defense Continuity Programs
Infrastructure and Geophysical Division
mission analysis
Naval Safety Center
risk management

Narrower Terms:

collateral damage estimate
non-battle death

Related Terms:

Battle Update Assessment
best practice
critical infrastructure
danger close
Defense Critical Infrastructure Program
hazard probability
risk decision
vulnerability assessment

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