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Definition/Scope: (FM 6-0) A rehearsal is a session in which a staff or unit practices expected actions to improve performance during execution. Rehearsing key combat actions before execution allows participants to become familiar with the operation and to translate the relatively dry recitation of the tactical plan into visual impression. This impression helps them orient themselves to their environment and other units when executing the operation. Moreover, the repetition of combat tasks during the rehearsal leaves a lasting mental picture of the sequence of key actions within the operation. Rehearsals are the commander's tool. Commanders use them to ensure staffs and subordinates understand the commander's intent and the concept of operations. Rehearsals also synchronize operations at times and places critical to successful mission accomplishment. OLD VERSION The process of practicing a plan before actual execution. Rehearsals asist units in clarifying the scheme of maneuver, synchronizing the battlefield operating systems, orienting subordinates to the positions and actions of other units, and practicing any possible branches and sequels from the decision support matrix.

Broader Terms:

training exercise

Narrower Terms:

full-dress rehearsals
multiechelon rehearsals
rehearsal techniques
rehearsal types

Related Terms:

mission rehearsal exercise
war games

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