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Definition/Scope: Independent emirate on the western coast of the Persian Gulf, occupying a peninsula of Arabia. Qatar projects northward into the gulf for about 100 miles and has a maximum width of 50 miles. Its 35 miles of land boundaries meet those of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and it has 350 miles of coastline. The capital city is Doha (Ad-Dawhah) on the east coast. Area 4,412 square miles.

Used For:

Dawlat Qatar
State of Qatar


QA (Army)

Broader Terms:

independent states (by name)
Middle East
Persian Gulf states

Narrower Terms:

Doha, Qatar

Related Terms:

Arab League members
Gulf Cooperation Council
IMF members
OIC members
Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
UN members

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