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ammunition basic load

Definition/Scope: The quantity of nonnuclear ammunition authorized to be on hand in a unit to meet combat needs until resupply can be accomplished. The ASCC specifies the basic load; it is expressed in rounds-per-weapon for each type of ammunition a weapon is authorized to fire. Each weapon in a maneuver unit, from a rifle to a tank, has a basic load. Other units of measure--like three fragmentation grenades per individual--are used for bulk authorizations of ammunition items that are not fired by weapons. The to (Fm 4-13.13) Ammunition basic loads are MACOM designated quantities of Class V supplies that allow units to initiate combat operations. Basic loads are combat-deployable using organic transportation in a single lift. This appendix provides a list of references and general guidelines relevant to all Army units for determining personnel/command responsibilities, implementing requisition and storage procedures, and conducting inventory and quality assurance programs. Basic load ammunition encompasses conventional ammunition and missiles that a unit must have on hand or on request at all times. Basic load can be further broken down and defined as: TAT ABL. Ammunition that either can be carried by or accompanies the soldier, uploaded on a combat vehicle or on organic transportation, during deployment. Non-TAT ABL. Ammunition that cannot accompany the soldier or be loaded in or on unit combat or transport vehicles during deployment. Ammunition combat loads. HQDA designated quantities carried by each deployable weapon system to initiate combat as determined by TRADOC materiel developers. (FM 7-92) The basic load is the total amount of ammunition required to be on hand to meet combat needs until resupply can be accomplished. A reconnaissance platoon?s basic load is different from an infantry platoon?s basic load. The soldier?s basic load includes small-arms ammunition, grenades, M203 rounds, and possibly Claymores. The platoon should not use large amounts of ammunition, except in cases of self-defense. The platoon requests additional or special ammunition through the battalion supply system.



Broader Terms:

basic load ammunition holding area
unit basic load

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